Vinyl Record Players Are The Best Way To Listen To A Beatles Album

the fab five beatlesHere at Fab Mania we own every Beatles album ever made. Not only do we own them, we own them on every possible medium. We have all of their albums on vinyl, on cassette, on CD and as digital files. They are the greatest band ever, so of course we want all of their music available to us all of the time in any format.

Despite having all these different formats, there is one we listen to almost 90% of the time. And that is vinyl. Nothing brings out the Fab Five’s beautiful music as well as a vinyl record player. There’s just something about that needle scratching through those grooves, picking up every little imperfection and every little detail, that you simply don’t get from more modern digital formats. And let’s not even talk about cassettes.

If you want to enjoy Beatles music the way it was meant to be enjoyed, you have to get yourself their albums on vinyl. There really is no substitute. If you already have a vinyl record player, then you likely know this and you probably already have the albums. If not, go out and get them. If your record player is not very good, as is the case for most of them these days, I would suggest upgrading. You want to get a new one.

Of course getting a new turntable is easier said than done. There are so many on the market and, these days, many of them are very gimmicky. They have features no one really needs. So many of their features really only serve to drive up the price and to make it seem like you’re getting a lot for your money. A lot of them play all kinds of different formats, but obviously, if the manufacturer is putting the effort into all of these little features, they are putting less effort and less quality into the actual playing of vinyl records. You do not want this.

turntable record playerWhat you want is a turntable record player that only plays records and that does it as well as possible. That means you do not want internal speakers and you do not want all these other features that you don’t need. You want just the record player and you want to hook it up to your existing stereo system for the best possible sound.

The problem is: how do you know which record player is the best? Obviously, this, in large part, depends on your needs, but I just told you what you need, if you are looking to enjoy Beatles albums the way they are meant to be enjoyed.

So let’s assume those are your needs. In that case you want a high-quality record player, but you probably don’t want to spend too much. If you spend thousands of dollars, you will get a great one. You can get good ones for a couple of hundred dollars, too. That’s probably what most people will want. In fact, that’s what we use.

Our player is actually more expensive than most, coming in at around $800, but it still costs far less than the several thousand dollars for the highest quality ones. I would check out the site called Top Record Players. They review the best record players on the market, both high-end expensive players and budget players, many of them costing under $100. They have comparison tables, detailed reviews and lots of photos. You should be able to find what you’re looking for on the Top Record Players website. At the very least, you’ll be able to narrow down your options quite a bit, which will make the purchasing process much simpler.

If you’re like us and you want to really enjoy Beatles albums in all their glory, you have no choice but to get a good vinyl record player. Any other music format simply does not compare. Of course, when you are on the go, you will probably be using a digital format like MP3s, but almost every turntable lets you transfer your vinyl collection into the digital format, so you’ll have both. And when you’re at home, you always want to use your new record player. Now let’s go enjoy some Beatles albums!

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