Top 6 Things A Violinist Should Do Every Day

As a musician, and moreover, as a violinist, you know how hard practice and improvement might be. Training for hours, revising old lessons, trying something new, continuous learning can be devastating if you don’t see any progress in the end. However, there are ways to make your daily routine easier and improve the quality of your play.

Things to Do Daily to Improve Your Music and Life

There are a few techniques and pieces of advice that would help you achieve your goals and the new heights:

  1. A person who knows what a violin is and has heard those catastrophic noises the beginners make when they play it the first time, understands how important practice in the field is. And even if you are good enough, there is nothing stopping you from getting better, so improvement of your play never really ends.
  2. Do regime.
    This would apply to you violin as well as to your life in general. It’s proven scientifically, that regime helps us to maintain ourselves better and it’s preferable to do our task, sticking to your routine plan. That’s if you usually play in the morning, don’t switch it constantly back and forth, choose a specific time period when you know you won’t be interrupted by the irritated neighbors or you sleeping family.
  3. Talk to another musician.
    Understanding you are not alone with this, and other musicians tend to have similar a problem and getting some notes from them can be crucial for your improvement. Stuff also gets done easier, when you know that someone supports you in that. That’s what your music buddy can offer you.
  4. If you feel that your music and practice interferes with some other field of your life and that makes you feel uncomfortable, or you feel like quitting – that is the time to check your attitude and work on it. This one might be hard, but monitoring your emotions and feelings and working them out will make it easier to keep a stable positive attitude.
  5. Listen to music more.
    Listening to the professionals in the field is extremely important, and it makes you listen to the music, analyze it, find some ideas for yourself and of course give you plenty of inspiration. Make it your daily rule – listen to someone’s violin at least 20 minutes per day.
  6. Evaluate yourself.
    This is also a tricky one since maintaining a good balance with self-evaluation is hard. Don’t go harsh with yourself, but try to stay objective to understand how good you are. You could also ask someone for help.

An Important Thing to Remember

Your violin might sound bad sometimes and there definitely will be moments of failure. Most likely you’ll have to learn the same lessons at least 2-3 times before you master them. But it’s not bad, as long as you continue going and don’t give up.

In the end, looking back, you’ll understand the importance of each failure and learn from it. Playing violin is a constant practice and a battle with your own weaknesses.

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