Throwback: Show Reviews Of The Fab Mania Beatles Shows

Show Reviews

Below are unsolicited emails\reviews from people that came to see the show recently. They are being used with their permission.

Here’s a tip to remember in the event your neck of the woods should be invaded by an influx of celebrity clones: get a decent camera, not one of those crummy throw-aways. Save your pennies, get the Mavica. Get something with a zoom lens.

This past weekend saw no ordinary attack of the clones…there were star-spangled Elvi to the left of me, cutie-pie Fabs to the right. I was in the midst of everything, excited and (sigh) married.

Beatles tribute band Fab Mania gave a free concert in downtown Norfolk on June 1 to benefit the local SPCA. Quite coincidentally, this day was the 35th anniversary of the release of the Sgt. Pepper album. I don’t know if anyone in the band saw fit to mention it because unfortunately we arrived well into the show’s second act. According to their website, Fab Mania puts on a three-act show where they depict the Beatles during the various “eras” of their career complete with costumes: the “mop-top” years, the Sgt. Pepper era and beyond.

We happened upon the show right at the tail end of the Sgt. Pepper phase, and I’m still kicking myself for not getting a picture. I’m also kicking myself for not chasing off the idiot who blew by in his sports car blasting hip-hop from his high-powered subwoofer. Anyway, before we knew it, three of the guys had taken off to change, but at least I got to hear “John” sing my second favorite Lennon tune (You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away).

I have to give the Dead Ringer Award to “George” (pardon the pun), and unfortunately the pictures I have don’t do him justice. He sang my absolute favorite Beatles song (Something) and I just wanted to die right there. As for who sounded like his Beatle the best, I still can’t decide because they all sang and performed very well. “Paul” was especially good, I thought, having seen the real thing a few months ago. He was in good voice on “The Long and Winding Road,” and “Hey Jude.” I was pleasantly surprised, too, to hear them perform “One After 909” from Let it Be.

The only complaint I had about the show (aside from not getting there sooner) was that during one of their encores “Paul” launched into the first notes of my favorite Macca/Beatles song (Martha My Dear) and then stopped. Never tease me like that, ‘kay? Also, where is the violinist?

I’ll tell you one thing more: Malc isn’t a Beatles fan, but he really enjoyed this show; that should be testimony enough. Go see these guys if you get the chance.

Hmm, I wonder if they went to Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant at the beach after the show…they could kick some serious ass on Karaoke nights.

Kathyrn Lively (

I just visited your web site. You can feel free to edit some of this and add it to the other letters. Thanks for coming to the Palace Theater in Lockport, NY. You guys put on such a great show. Besides sounding so much like the Beatles, your appearance is also incredible. The costumes, your hairstyles, guitars, drums, everything was so authentic. And you look like you’re having a good time together on stage too. I saw Beatlemania in Lockport three weeks ago, and I have to say that I’d much rather see Fab Mania again. Beatlemania sounded good, but you put on a
better show and looked a lot better doing it! Don’t wait so long before making a return trip to Lockport. Thanks again for a great time.

Love ya, Kathy

Hey guys, You were great performing for the (Squam Lake Natural) Science Center the other night. I really appreciate “Paul” posing while I took the picture of him in the VW with my daughter, and also for John in his later years get up. It is a nice touch that you take the time to talk with folks. You all have a grate deal of talent, it was hard to believe that just the four of you could reproduce what the originals did in a studio with backup musicians.

I remember watching the Beatles on their first Sullivan appearance and listening to my Dad’s color commentary on how that kind of music would never last and a few other things not repeatable. You guys are the “Beatles without the baggage”. It’s great that you do it for the love of it and not political motivation. You definitely make your goal, everyone sure has a good time listening to great tunes done with skill only years of practice can create and that’s what it’s all about.

Once again thank you. You made a 15 year old aspiring musicians day and also a very appreciative 45 year old Dad who brought her to see the “Beatles”. Keep up the great work.

John Levesque

Hi! You guys were right on the mark!!! It was easy to imagine you really WERE the Beatles! “Ringo’s” drumming was frickin’ excellent, every beat was on the nail!! “George” was outstanding, every note just as it was on the record, as an amateur guitar player I can appreciate how hard that is. I remember how happy I was when I learned to play “Blackbird” just like Paul. I can’t imagine how it must feel to play every song right. Last, but not least, Bob’s “Paul” was extraordinary! The way Paul sings, talks, plays…the bass riffs he used were exactly like the studio versions. I also like the little scene he and George played in the beginning on the third act. I remember seeing that scene I think in “Let It Be” where George got frustrated at Paul’s critisisms. George said, “I play what you want or I’ll play nothing at all, I just want to please you!” Ringo looked like he was miserable in that scene.
As you were all finishing up the “Sgt. Pepper” set I thought that you just accomplished what John Lennon said was practically impossible to do on stage. As you probably know John said they couldn’t do their “Pepper” material because it was too difficult to do outside the studio. Well John, Fab Mania proved you wrong.Once again , great job!! Yesterday was my wife’s birthday and you guys were her present! The only problem I have now is how can I match it next year? John Nilsen

Hi guys! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your shows this weekend and how nice it was to meet you. You are the greatest thing since the “real” Beatles!!   Pat

Hi there! I just wanted to tell u again how much i enjoyed your performance at Blast From the Past wknd at Mt. Hope/Pa. Ren. Faire. You guys are AWESOME!!!! I’m starting a letter writing/e-mail campaign to get you back for next year! The Beatles have been my favorite group since…..forever! Hearing & watching you perform their songs was like watching “them”! Not only the sound, but the little mannerisms. It’s no wonder i was “stuck” in Strawberry Fields this weekend.  Katy

I have to comment on the performance I attended last weekend at the PA Ren Faire’s “Blast From the Past”. Many times I have heard (or said) “if you closed your eyes, you’d think you were there”. With your show, you don’t want to close your eyes. Your show is very visual in addition to the great music. It wasn’t just the costumes, it was the whole show. Your actions onstage were right on the mark. You have definitely done your homework. You have definitely won a new fan. 
Thank you for some great memories, 
Virginia Cole (aka; Rainbow)

I would like to first off to say that I saw you at the Pa Renaissance Faire’s Blast from the Past and I really enjoyed your performance. The best was on Saturday at your final show I joined Peggy Sue sitting on the ground right in front of the stage. Peggy Sue is one of my Improv Teacher and she would have been miffed if I did not take advantage of all that space right in front of the stage. I have always loved the Beatles and to hear there songs played by people who actually sounded like them and took the time to actually know the 
songs was a great treat. I hope that The Faire brings you back next year for 
Blast because having you there was a blast. Bill Hoffer

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