Our Activities

As we are a music fan community, we do what all such groups do. Our first aim is to gather a large number of the Beatles’ fans altogether and get them involved in our activities.

What We Do

  • Post interesting materials.
    The website was created also with the informational purpose, as we want all of you to read and learn along with us. You will find biographical materials, lyrics of the songs for karaoke, maybe even stories from fans who had a chance to meet a Beetle! Use our Search tool to find just what you need by typing a keyword or keywords into the search field.
  • Gather together.
    We never underestimate the value of real meetings, as this is how the communities like Fabmania were operating long before. That’s why we decided to gather all who want to meet, get to know each other, listen to music, and talk about the band or any other things. We will be happy to see you at the meeting spot once, so don’t miss the announcement.
  • Announce and hold cover concerts.
    Unfortunately, there’s no way we could go and have fun at the real concert of the band. However, there are so many talented people with passion to music who hold cover concerts! They are held in different countries around the world, and we will notify you about all large events. We might also hold our concert, so if you are a representative of a cover band, go ahead and contact us!
  • Keep following the remaining members of the band.
    Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are still around, and they are surprisingly active, both musically and socially, which brings us only joy. If you want to be updated with the latest news from them, you are at the right source. New releases (especially vinyl), performances, and interesting stories – everything will be posted as soon as it happens!
  • Notify about new attractions and competitions.
    We will let you know whether there are any new themed attractions dedicated to the Beatles. Also, there are many competitions you may be able to take part in and win huge prizes, and our team will let you know about them too.

All this and much more, like reviews, can be found within our music community. If you are interested in finding new friends with similar interests and being updated on the latest events dedicated to the Beatles, you found the right place. If you want to learn more about the band and read interesting articles about them – we’ll provide you with it. Welcome to the club!