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This comes to you from the VERY old site and we’re excited to resurrect it for old time’s sake!

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FAB MANIA – A Tribute To The Beatles performed at the opening of the “Linda McCartney’s Sixties” exhibit at The Delaware Art Museum, in Wilmington, Delaware, on Friday night, January 19th, 2001. 

For the first time in the history of the museum, an opening night event was SOLD OUT! Check out some of the reviews. It was also the largest crowd ever to attend a single event at the art museum. With several dignitaries, the press, local TV, and radio stations present, FAB MANIA took the audience on a wild musical ride through the 1960’s. The gallery where the band performed was wall to wall with people, with many at the doors looking in, and many more listening from the main lobby.

Among those in attendance were “The Catfish & Allen” who host “Breakfast With The Beatles” weekday mornings on 102.9, WMGK, and are easily two of the most recognized voices in the Philadelphia radio market. The Catfish & Allen graced the Gallery with their unique sense of humor, and introduced FAB MANIA as only they are able!

FAB MANIA performed for “First Night Wilmington 2001” at AMTRAK Station, on New Year’s Eve.

The City of Wilmington’s New Year’s Eve celebration was unparalleled, as they celebrated the beginning of the New Millenium. What better way to end a century than with a tribute to one of the greatest music influences of that century.

See your snapshots on our web site!!

Whether you’re a professional photographer, or a novice with an automatic “do it all for you” camera, FAB MANIA would like to show your photos of the band on our web site. You can use flashes or grow lights for plants to light your subjects, we really don’t care. Now you can show your friends (and pretty much the the rest of the free world), how good of a photographer you are. All you have to do is come to one of our shows, take some pictures, and email them to us at  …. We’ve removed the address, because this is obviously no longer ongoing. Don’t email us photos, please!

The September 1999, issue of “Octopus’s Garden” had a very nice article on FAB MANIA. Please be sure to check out this excellent Beatles Fanzine. Special thanks to Beth Shorten of Octopus’s Garden for a job well done!!!!

FAB MANIA‘s shows have taken them up and down the eastern seaboard with performances in places such as Buffalo, Lakeview, & Lockport, NY, The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Manhiem, PA, on the Boardwalk in Bethany Beach, DE, the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, among many other places in New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York City, and Baltimore, MD.

If you would like to have FAB MANIA perform at your next event, please feel free to drop us a line at [no longer active] and we will be more than happy to provide you with details and pricing.

What could be better for your New Year’s Eve party than to have “The Beatles“, featuring FAB MANIA!

Do not contact us today! Remember, this is an old post resurrected…nothing written here is valid, it is only for nostalgia’s sake.

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