Dual Subwoofer Just So I Can Blast Beatles Music

So I recently bought something many would consider stupid. I’ll just get right to it. I bought a new stereo system for my car. And I’m talking a whole system, complete with a Pyramid dual 1200w subwoofer for a real booming sound.

Why did I do this? Because I have money now.

When I was younger my friends all had great sound systems in their cars. We would cruise around town and blast music. I had different friends who like different types of music. Some were into rock, some into hip-hop and some into electronic music. I always liked all of it, but of course, my favorite music was always the Beatles.

As you can imagine, none of my friends wanted to blast the Beatles from the car. They were always too embarrassed. They actually liked a lot of their music, but they did not want to be seen driving around town listening to the Beatles. I actually would’ve thought that would be pretty cool, but the puny little stereo in my car didn’t allow me to do that. I had to quietly listen to my vinyl albums at home.

Then, I kinda forgot about this for many years. But recently I saw an old guy driving around in a convertible, blasting classical music from his stereo system. That’s when it hit me. I should buy a new stereo system for my car and drive around blasting the Beatles, like I always wanted.

Now I’m older, I can afford a stereo system and I really don’t care what anyone thinks. So I did it. I didn’t even bother installing it myself, which is something I definitely would’ve done back then. But these days my time is more valuable. I just paid someone to do it, left them my car and picked it up a few hours later.

Then on the drive home I tested my new stereo system. I put in Sgt. peppers, because of course, and cranked it up. Obviously, it didn’t test my subwoofer like an electronic record or hip-hop album might, but those beetles still did pump out some bass sounds. More importantly they pumped out a lot of other sounds and all of them went together really well, as you well know.

I did get a lot of stares, especially from younger people. They seemed to look at me with a questioning look that said “what are you doing? You’re too old to be blasting music. And you’re too young to be blasting the Beatles. You look like you should be blasting nirvana.”

Okay, maybe they didn’t say that or even think that, but that’s what I thought they might be thinking.

But you know what else I got? A lot of approving looks from older people. Not people my age, but people my parents’ age. These are the people grew up with the Beatles and they approved of my music.

People my age didn’t seem to. They seemed to mostly disapprove of me playing music at all. It seems once you enter your 40s, it’s frowned upon.

I can understand that. I hate when people drive around blasting their loud music. But I mostly hate it because their loud music is terrible. If they played something I liked, I wouldn’t mind it so much.

But the stuff they play? I know I said earlier I don’t care what other people think, but I would be embarrassed to play that stuff. I would die of shame if that were blasting from my new subwoofer.

So what you think? Does this inspire you to go out and buy a stereo system complete with powerful subwoofer for your car, just so you can play some old people music?

If you’re on this website, you are obviously a fan of the Fab five, so I’m assuming that’s exactly what you would play. I think we should do it. I think everyone who even remotely likes the Beatles should start driving around everywhere playing their music loudly from their stereo system. Really make that subwoofer work as you are listening to Norwegian Wood or I Am The Walrus. That would be hilarious.

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