About Us

Hello and welcome to one of the best music communities – Fabmania! We are dedicated to the best band in the history of music – the Beatles. We want everyone, from the youngest to the oldest fans, to gather here to read, listen, learn, and talk.

Our Purpose

Our main aim is to create an informational source for anyone who wishes to know more about this magnificent band. They were a real boom at the time of their popularity peak, and they continue to fascinate new generations who refill the fanclubs. There’s lots of information on the Beatles over the Internet, but here at Fabmania you will find only true facts, interesting articles and announcements, and much more. We also have throwback posts from the original site of Beatles impersonators, like old info about shows.

Our Team

We are huge fans of the band, so the decision to create a website came to our minds almost simultaneously. When we gather here, we’re like one organism – working on the most interesting material for you to read. You will find something of your taste on the website – no matter what your age or level of Beatle-knowledge is!

Our Work

We work on something new every time we find a thing that will be interesting enough to read and know about. Usually it’s something our team would be glad to learn or read, so don’t wait for some low-quality materials here. We try hard to post as regularly as possible, but if you notice we’ve stopped doing that, just write us a letter.

Contact Us

You can contact us using any method available on our contact page. We are almost constantly online, so you will not be forced to wait for a long time. Write us about our articles and improving the website, your feelings and impressions you need to share. If you have an interesting story about the band, tell us about it right away!

We will be waiting for your feedback!