A Violin, The Beatles, A DJ And His Turntables

Chocolate and salt. Or chocolate and chili. Or oil and vinegar. Things that seem opposite and shouldn’t go together, but that actually go together really well. I love things like this. Especially the chocolate and salt one. Sweet and salty things just go together amazingly well. It’s the contrast that does it.

a violinYou’ve also heard opposites attract, I’m sure. That’s the same principle. Two things that seem opposite and it seems that they shouldn’t go together, but then go together really well when mixed. In fact, they always go to together better than two things that are similar. And when it comes to music, there tons of examples like this.

One such example, and the reason for my writing this post, came at a nightclub I was at recently. And, as you can probably guess, the reason I’m writing about it here is that involve the Beatles.

t’s weird actually. Ever since starting this blog, it seems so much more in my life involves the Beatles than before. I’m sure that’s not the case. I’m sure it just seems that way. Kind of like when you think about a certain thing, then you start to see it everywhere. I guess that’s is happening here. But now the Beatles seem to be everywhere.

Anyway, in this nightclub, there was a DJ. I can’t remember his name. He was just a standard DJ with his two record player turntables, but there were a few differences between him and other normal DJs. For one, he played the violin. That’s right, when he wasn’t queuing up songs, he was playing on his violin to his music. It was actually really cool. This is something that can go very wrong, if you don’t choose the right songs. But he chose tracks that complemented the violin very well. And he was good at playing it and knew exactly how much violin to add to make sure it sounded good. Many people would overdo it. But he kept it subtle and it worked well.

copy of the famous Beatles album coverAnd then it happened. A Beatles song. You would not expect a Beatles song at a techno nightclub, but there it was. He had remixed it, but it was still very recognizable. And he did an amazing job. I almost want to say it was better than the original, but that’s obviously not the case. The original is better, but this version was better for this particular setting.

Plus, when he added in his violin playing, it became so much better still. Seriously, this combination of violin, a techno beat and a classic Beatles tune was simply amazing. And I wasn’t the only one who thought so. The whole crowd was getting into it and was going crazy for this. They seemed to know who the DJ was too, and from what I saw that day, it makes a lot of sense that he is famous.

Strange mixtures like this mix of violin and Beatles and turntables and DJ always fascinate me. When you think something should not go together, but it goes together and does so extremely well, it always enhances the enjoyment. That element of surprise ads an extra layer to an already enjoyable experience. That is truly something to live for in life.

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