5 Electronic Dance Music Genres That Used to Be Popular Before

Evolution is a continuous process of life, and we can bravely state that everything evolves, including human beings. Our preferences grow and get more complicated together with us, and the views change. Same applies to music, including EDM (electronic dance music), of course. If you look back, even to 90’s, you’ll see how much the genre changed over time. Just from the stuff you hear people blasting from their subwoofers in their cars.

What EDM Used to Be Cool

Most of that music started to appear around 1980’s-90’s, the peak for the most was in the 00’s. That is quite a long period of time when new stuff appears daily, so there were great changes in the EDM overtime. Let’s have a quick look into the past and see what the changes were and what dominates the particular e-genre now:

  1. Okay, that might sound little bit weird at first, but dubstep definitely should be on this list. After a short period of blossoming in 2009, many new bands came to work with it, turning those amazing beats into something completely different. That’s probably why so many fans turned away from the genre. It’s still popular now, but being mass-produced some amount of quality was lost.
  2. Everyone knows Madonna or U2 that brought techno music with its notes of futurism into the picture. But now it doesn’t seem to do much or to produce some outstanding quality tracks, or at least to make them less self-concentrated and more public-oriented. That said, there are still some really cool innovations in electronic music.
  3. Hip-hop. That one is simply running out of innovations and topics. As well as with technological inventions, music needs innovation, otherwise, it will have nothing to tell and offer people. Same thing applies here, people need something deeper and more complicated that “way-too-much-weed” topics.
  4. Slightly reminding you of disco, house originated in Chicago and quickly gained its share of popularity. What’s amazing with this music is that it will make even those people who can’t feel the rhythm want to move and dance. But then the same thing happened as with dubstep, caught on the peak of popularity, new artists, and famous stars, trying to incorporate house sounds into their repertoire made those mass-produced beats pathetic.
  5. It might be too early to talk on that one since trance music is still evolving and using new techniques, but there is a declining interest in the genre too. The real peak of the trance music was little bit later than it was for other types of e-music, so that might explain why it’s still up and running and is thought to be like this for some time.

What Changed EDM

Mainstream music always should appeal to the mainstream audience, so it’s no use to look for something worthy there. People like old hooks and old things, so instead of making a breakthrough and being a renegade, performers simply are trying to not go far away from the norm.

This follows the previous point, but an important thing is that we are all looking for the innovation. There are many things being produced now that are simply great, a lot of PC music, trap, deep-tech and other genres people don’t have the good names for. Another innovation wave is on its way, so no wonder the older things are not as popular and great now. Let’s hope it gets better, so that we get to hear better music coming from the subwoofers that drive around in cars all over our streets.

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